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All these characters belong to J.K Rowling. I'm simply… - the Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hermione/Ginny Femmeslash Community

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[Sep. 8th, 2012|03:11 pm]
Hermione/Ginny Femmeslash Community

All these characters belong to J.K Rowling. I'm simply experimenting with them.
Rated M. Hermione/Ginny. Enjoy! And don't forget to please comment and rate, thanks.

The steam from the boiling cup of coffee, which was neglected on the table with beads of perspiration running across the side of its smooth surface, fogged up the kitchen window, while the billowing green curtains waved their greetings to the early risers. The coffee pot beeped, warning that it was now finished and the sizzling eggs on the fryer shivered with delight while the tired young girl with bushy brown hair sat hunched over a school book, reading intently.

The kindly plump woman with bright red hair hurried to the eggs and with a warm smile, greeted the teenager, asking how many eggs she would want, since there was plenty to go around. The girl mumbled something that sounded like 'not hungry' but the woman sternly insisted that the girl eat breakfast.

"No, really, I'm fine," the girl said politely, trying to smile, but she was far too exhausted to even raise her head to the woman, which seemed quite rude, but, only when the woman continued to insist, finally gave in as her stomach betrayingly growled with immense hunger. The woman gave her an approving smile as she placed the large plate with eggs heaped high, next to the pile of warm pancakes. "All this?—Thanks." No point in arguing.

The eggs and pancakes were gone within minutes along with the strong cup of coffee. Hermione held back a belch, that was fighting to escape, clutched her book, and headed sluggishly to the room she shared with her best friend's sister, Ginny; who greeted her from her neatly-made bed. "How are you, Hermione? Did Mother force you to eat the entire family's meal?"

"Fine," was Hermione's rather lame reply, she decided to only answer the first question since the latter was quite obvious. "I could be better, I guess."

"Cheer up! In a couple of days it will be Christmas!" Ginny brightly reminded her. "Go shower up, you look like a wreck, no offense." Hermione would've been deeply offended, had it not been true, but by the looks of her messy hair (which was messier than usual), her rather dirty clothes, her un-brushed teeth, and the dark circles underneath her eyes—she knew it was an honest statement.

"The door lock is broken…" Hermione pointed out, rather accusingly even though there was no need to be.

"Don't worry," Ginny said cheerfully with a rather friendly smile and a reassuring voice, "I'll keep guard—no one will get past me." Hermione could not doubt—nor question—this, for Ginny was rather famous at school for the crafty hex she was known for. She even used it on her older brothers when they got on her nerves. She was even better at that hex than Hermione was, and Hermione was the best student in the entire school!

"Alright," Hermione said, convinced that she could trust Ginny to keep watch instead of letting anyone get past. "Can I borrow your striped shirt?"

"Sure, go for it, it's over there in the closet." Ginny pointed to the closet at the other side of the compact room, where the little amount of clothes she owned was laying strewn about. "Sorry if it's a bit wrinkled," she apologized, hoping the older girl wouldn't think she was the worst slob in the world. But all the other girl did was breathe a quick thanks and stagger tiredly to the bathroom. When the door shut, Ginny sat quietly in front of it, waiting as she impatiently tugged at a stand of fiery red hair.

Ginny wouldn't have believed that Hermione sang in the shower if she hadn't heard it with her own ears. She pressed her head against the door as she listened—she'd never realized what a beautiful voice Hermione had. Soon over the pounding shower she could no longer hear the song, so she opened the door a crack, to hear.

Her eyes grew wide at the unexpected gorgeous sight that met them; long slender legs, elegant hips, abundant breasts, full rear, and a sensitive pink vulva with well a groomed patch of hair, so unlike her own scraggly bush of scarlet curls.

Ginny thought she was going to come, as she saw Hermione wash her tender breasts with suds and couldn't stop staring at Hermione's erected nipples that stood out half an inch in the freezing water. It was all Ginny could do from running in there and sucking them. Her greedy, lustful eyes scanned every centimeter of Hermione's graceful body, and Hermione was none the wiser.

As she bent over to retrieve the soap that had slipped from her grasp and onto the floor, Ginny could see the pink lips peeking from behind, underneath her buttocks and finally came in her underwear. She looked down at the wet spot on her pants and noticed that her right hand had found its way into her underwear as she was subconsciously rubbing herself, thick goo clinging to her quick fingers. She quickly pulled it out and blushed, her face blending with her hair.

Gently closing the door as to not alert Hermione that it had been open at all, Ginny sat on the floor with her back leaning against the door as she wondered what had just happened. What HAD just happened?

She grabbed out a book that she had read countless amounts of times—a book about her most favorite sport in the world—as she waited, when finally the door opened and a refreshed looking Hermione walked out, looking happier than she had prior to the shower.

"Thank you, Gin! I really appreciate it, I feel loads better now!" she said, thanking her from her heart with the most appreciative voice she'd had in weeks. No, thank YOU, thought Ginny to herself, as she felt something small, but hard press against the inside of each bra cup. She smiled warmly at her friend.

"Your welcome," Ginny managed with a bright smile, as she held out a bottle of lotion to her friend. She wished she could rub the lotion all over her friend's beautiful body...

"Thanks!" Hermione said, interrupting Ginny's thoughts. All Ginny could do was nod, for she was definitely tounge-tied. She scurried to the room while Hermione put the small bottle into her pocket and headed for the front door.

 Ginny reached for Hermione and kissed her full on the mouth. Hermione was hesitant at first, but started contributing to the sexual exchange. The kisses were hot, wet, and ...sexy.

Ginny slowly unbuttoned Hermione's striped shirt, and Hermione started quivering nervously. Once the shirt was off, it revealed Hermione's red lacy bra, which made Ginny's nipples go hard, especially once she noticed that Hermione's nipples were both hard as well.

Ginny wildly snatched the bra off Hermione's heaving chest, revealing two giant breasts with large pink erect nipples (which were now so horny that they looked like bright red giant cherries) at the ends, which begged to be licked, sucked, fondled, loved, CHERISHED. Ginny slipped one into her salivating, earnest mouth and started suckling it, cherishing the lovely nipples that were as hard as diamonds. Hermione threw back her head and moaned, turning Ginny on and making her suck harder, and harder, and harder...

As the beams of sunlight hit Ginny full in the face, her lovely dream evaporated into nothingness as the room around her started evolving, and her stomach growled with aching hunger, as well as longing for the loss of the beautiful dream which she had inhabited only minutes before.

She glanced at the bed at the other side of the room where Hermione slept, and quietly crept over to watch the sleeping girl. Hermione always slept peacefully, and it took forever to awaken her; she could sleep through a tornado! So Ginny took her chance and tore the blanket of her friend. She stared at Hermione, contemplating what to do next. Should she do it?

She was nervous about being caught, and her conscience told her not to, but her coveting horny side won over and she just HAD to have Hermione. Now. Right now. No time to waste!

She slowly slipped off Hermione's pants and shirt, salivating at the sight; Hermione didn't have any underwear or bra on. Ginny hopped on top of her and started touching Hermione's soft flat nipples. After several minutes they popped out, like bread popping out of a toaster, and she started to suck them ferociously like an animal, biting them gently thereafter.

She rubbed them and fondled them, taking turns sucking each one for as long as she could and using her hand to pull, pluck, and rub the other that was not taken hostage by her mouth. After she got bored of this she started licking Hermione's thighs, going lower and lower with her tounge until they reached her destination: Hermione's glistening, pulsating pussy.

Ginny licked and sucked the flaps and crevices, lapping the come that was dripping from the small slit that had never been entered. So, you're a virgin then, 'Mione? Ginny thought.

Tempted to put her fingers inside Hermione, she licked Hermione's clit and started to inch her fingers inside, when...

Hermione started to stir. She was waking up! What would she do when she saw Ginny, her best friend's little sister, ontop of her, getting ready to fuck the hell out of her with her fingers and tounge?

Ginny replaced Hermione's clothes with a simple spell and hobbled back to bed, throwing the covers over her trembling body, pretending she was asleep. She scrunched her eyes shut tightly, and tried to still her breathing, which was coming out of her at an abnormally huffing rate.

"Ginny?" came the groggy voice of the unsuspecting Hermione Granger, who Ginny tried to take advantage of. Ginny pretended to snore, which she never usually did when she really WAS asleep, and heard when Hermione exited the room, the door shutting with a soft click. That sure was a close one!


The reading lamp illuminated a small glow around the dark room, casting eerie shadows all over the wall that reached for any unsuspecting victim. Hermione sat comfortably on the soft plushy sofa, hand hanging over the armrest while the other tightly clutched a book that her eyes were now scanning over. It was a library book she borrowed from the muggle library before she had arrived at the Burrow.

She was so consumed in her reading that she hadn't noticed that Ron had entered the room. When she did, she gave a small squeak and her body gave a tremulous twich; causing the book to tumble out of her hand and onto the floor, where it lay facedown like a little tent. She blushed.

"Ron! Why did you scare me like that?" she asked, rolling her eyes and giving him a playful shove. He grinned at Hermione and noticed how beautiful she looked, making sure to let her know.

"You look great Hermione!" he complimented in an awestruck tone, ignoring her question which she didn't seem to care.

"Well the shock in your voice sure is evident!" Hermione said, grinning at the muscular redhead. He returned her grin and embraced her in a warm hug, which sent shivers down Hermione's neck and spine. Never had she felt this way towards Ron before. It was a rather magical feeling to be hugging him, as his strong arms wrapped protectively around her. He gave an awkward cough and suddenly let go.

"So, erm...how are you, then?" he asked in a rather high voice, his foot nervously pawing at the carpet. His eyes could not meet hers. His face was flushed a bright pink tinge and his hands didn't know whether to hang limply at his sides or be stuffed deep in his pockets. This made Hermione smile.

"Smashing, thank you! And how are you, Mr. Weasley?" she asked, laughing a little.

"My father is at work at the moment, but when he gets back you can ask him." joked Ron. He grinned and said, "Just kidding. I'm great. Thanks." Awk-ward.

"Sooo..." Hermione said, her voice trailing as she glanced at Ron's suddenly serious expression that had just slipped onto his face. She noticed beads of perspiration dotting his forehead and he must've noticed because he quickly wiped it away with the back of his hand. He brushed back a clinging strand of orange hair and tapped his foot anxiously-you would've thought he was waiting to hear news of a family member's death or serious injury. This seemed to boost Hermione's previously drained confident. "So, are you excited for Christmas?"

"You bet! But I must admit I'm more excited to return to Hogwarts-for Quidditch you know. Er...what about you?"

"Oh! I'm DEFINITELY excited to return to Hogwarts! But I'm also excited for Christmas...I wish I could spend it at Hogwarts," she answered, then quickly caught herself, "I mean, here is fantastic, but it's so lovely at Hogwarts during Christmas, with all the snow..."

"We should go." he said quickly as his face, which was returning to its normal color, flushed pink all over again.

"What?" asked Hermione, waiting for an explanation to his suggestion. What could he possibly mean?

"I mean..." he said, ""Like...we should...you know...go to Hogwarts...for Christmas..."

"But we didn't sign up for it." Hermione said, seeing the obvious flaw in his suggestion, but he quickly added in an exasperated voice,

"Come on, Hermione! Do you know who you are? You're the straight-A student! You can get away with anything you want, you could ask McGonagall and she'll probably add you and say you signed up all along! It would be fun." Ron said in a speedy voice, he was out of breath by the time he finished. He knew that if they went to Hogwarts they would have freedom, his mother couldn't tell him what to do, and he could try to get Hermione to fall in love with him.

Hermione scrunched her nose, considering the suggestion that he made, and finally said, "Alright, then. Let's try it. Will it be just us? Or Harry and Ginny too?" She immediately blushed. What a stupid question! How could she ask such a thing? How could she foolishly presume that he just wanted her to go...and not his best friend and little sister?

She was however shocked by his answer to her silly question, "Just us, Hermione."

The loud moans and grunts filled the stuffy little bedroom, but Ginny had already casted the Muffliato spell so that they wouldn't get caught. She humped the other girl, who was panting like a horse, with a large purple dildo. The dildo pumped in and out of the girl's anus and she kept moaning louder and louder.

"Ohhhh..." the girl moaned, as she rubbed her own wet pussy and told Ginny to push harder. Ginny did. "Ohhhhhh!" The erotic moans echoed around the room, encouraging Ginny to push further in. Soon, the purple dildo was practically gone, for it was as deep as it could go. Ginny grabbed both sides of the girl's arse and tried to push even further, but the nine-inch dildo couldn't, so she slipped it out.

Ginny leaned forward and kissed the moaning, sweaty blonde girl full on the lips. The girl kissed her back just as enthusiastically and said,

"I wanna fuck you now, Gin."

Ginny considered this, but was against it. SHE wanted to be the one in charge, the one in command, the one in control; the one making the other girl moan with deep sincere pleasure.

"No." Ginny said harshly, "Now lean back and open up your legs. Now." The blonde girl pouted, but then obeyed; leaning on her back and spreading her legs wide. It took only seconds to slip in the giant dildo into the girl, and Ginny fiercely plunged and pushed her way in.

"Aaaah! Ohhhhhh! Ohhh God! Harder!" the blonde girl begged in a voice full of longing. "Ohhh...fuck me...fuck me..."

Ginny forced the two slender legs of the girl beneath her further apart, allowing the long dildo to go further into the depths of the hole of the blonde girl's glistening vagina. It pulsated and pulled at the dildo, taking it farther in. Ginny suddenly stopped, the dildo still inside the girl, and shoved two fingers in the girls anus, then started pumping deeper again. Further, deeper, faster...it was a steady rhythm that rocked the bed like an unsteady boat and threw both girls into blissful oblivion.

Ginny slipped the slick, wet dildo out of the depths of the girl's pussy and stuffed it unceremoniously into the girl's drooling mouth. The girl gagged, but started sucking it feverishly; licking the head and tasting her own warm juices that had been taken from within herself. "Mmmm"

"Turn around," Ginny comanded to the girl, pulling the dildo from the girl's watering mouth without warning, "Now!" The girl turned around, her ass in the hair as Ginny started spitting into the hole. She grabbed something from the bedside table and stuffed it into the girl's anus.

"Ohhhhh! What is it?" the blonde girl asked curiously, as the sensation started going up her anus.

"It's an anal plug, Luna, now shush and put your legs like this," Ginny said, showing the girl a position where she was turned around, her butt in the air, but with her vagina sticking out. "I'm going to fuck you from behind, so get ready."

The girl, Luna as Ginny had called her, whimpered as Ginny stuffed the dildo into Luna's pussy from behind; there was no care for comfort here. "OHHH!"

In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Deeper, further, faster... Ginny pushed and plunged without caring how it affected the other girl, who was moaning and whimpering out of control. Luna's shoulders were shaking and her mouth was wide open, loud erotic sounds escaping, while her eyes were scrunched tight in either pain or pleasure...maybe both.

"Turn." Ginny said, turning Luna roughly on her back, "Now open your mouth." Luna opened her mouth wide. "I'm going to deepthroat you." And she did. She shoved the dildo into Luna's mouth and down deep into her throat. Luna had to stop herself from gagging, she had a strong gag reflex, and her eyes were starting to water from the pain.

Ginny noticed Luna's discomfort and took the dildo out. She pulled the strap off herself and threw the dildo far in a corner. She took the plug out of Luna, watching Luna's large anus turning to normal size again and said, "Sucking time, baby."

She started sucking Luna's little firm breasts, gathering the erected nipple into her mouth and gently biting it. Suck. Suck. Luna's sensitive pale nipples started to become red as they started further erecting. She moaned and threw her head back, loving the feeling of Ginny's expert mouth over her destitute, horny nipples.

"Look how red you're becoming, you sensitive naughty virgin...well used-to-be-virgin!" Ginny said devishly, a lusty gleam in her eyes. Yes, she had taken Luna's virginity away from her...but Ginny reasoned it out that Luna wanted it anyway so Ginny didn't do anything wrong, right?

"Ohhh, Ginny...can I suck you, PLEASE?" begged Luna, who was panting like a dog. She came for the fifth time since they started, making the ground and bed very sticky and wet. The scent of sex flooded the room.

"Hmm...FINE. Get up, then." Ginny said giving in, as she took Luna's place on the wet bed. Ginny lay back and waited for the shy girl to start and when she didn't, told her how to do it. "Okay, so tease my nipples...then when they get hard suck them all you want." Luna did. Ginny was surprised, but ended up moaning as loud as Luna had, and Luna was pleased with herself that she stuck a finger up Ginny's wet pussy. "Ohhh...Luna! You'll get as good as me in no time, Love."


Hermione brushed off the web that clung to her wizard robes. She hadn't used those in awhile! She put them with her other belongings that she planned to bring along with her and smiled. She was finally done packing!

"This is going to be fun." she said aloud to herself, and jumped about a mile in the air when she heard a small voice behind her.

"What is? Where are you going? Why are you packing?" It was Ginny. Poor Ginny. She hadn't known Hermione was leaving. Where was she going? She HAD to convince her to stay! She decided that she was going to finally make a move on her. She had been waiting for this oppurtunity in days!

"Er, Ginny, I'm sorry but I decided to go for Christmas."


"Er...somewhere, I'm sorry." Right then, Ron burst into the room shouting how happy he was.

"Hermione! My stuff is packed! Now we can go! It's going to be..." He noticed his little sister looking at him questioningly. "Oops!" Hermione smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand and started to sweat. No one was supposed to now about them leaving to Hogwarts! Now they were going to want to come along.

"Ginny," she said in a consoling voice. How could she do this to her friend? "Ron and I were planning on going to Hogwarts for Christmas..."

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked, looking angrily at Ron then casting Hermione a depressed glance, "Hermione, please don't leave."

"Ginny," Hermione said slowly, trying to think of a way to get herself out of this mess, "Ron and I were planning on going alone...to hang out" she added quickly, then continued with a sigh, "but you can come too if you want! It'll be great for you to come along. So can Harry! It'll be great if the four of us go together!" She gave her best smile.

"Okay." Ginny said glumly, "Ron can you leave? I need to talk to Hermione. Alone." Ron left.

"What's wrong, Gin? I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." Hermione said, disgusted with herself. How could she get so caught up in her attraction to Ron, to ignore her other friend who needed her?

"Well...I've been meaning to tell you this for the past several days now. Okay look, I have a confession to make." She looked at Hermione to see if she was paying attention. Hermione gave a nod that meant that she was listening. Ginny continued. "I saw you naked in the shower one time." Hermione's mouth dropped to the floor.

"You what? When? Why?" She crossed her arms and blushed crimson.

"I didn't mean to! I heard you singing, it was pretty, and I couldn't hear anymore so I opened it a little bit to hear and accidentally saw what I shouldn't have had." Hermione gave a sigh of relief, so it was an accident, then. She could forgive her for that since it wasn't her fault.

"It's fine, Gin, it was an accident. Just tell me next time if something accidentally happens, okay? We're friends, don't keep things from me." Hermione said, then remembered that she had kept the Hogwarts things from Ginny and her heart sank. The look in Ginny's eyes told her that she was thinking the same thing, yet Ginny didn't say anything about it.

"Okay, thanks, 'Mione. Also...this is a deeper confession...Promise not to get too upset?"

Hermione hesitated. What now? "Sure. Promise."

"I've had horrible dreams about you. Like bad, bad dreams. Of us having sex together." Ginny said, ashamed.

Hermione's eyes popped out of her head. "Uhhh..." was all she could manage. She was speechless!

"And that's not all..." Ginny said slowly, carefully choosing her words.

There's MORE? Hermione wondered, her head spinning. "Hmm?"

"When you were asleep once I went on you." Ginny said bluntly. Hermione gasped.

"Did we..?" Hermione asked, choking on her own saliva which was dripping at an extremely quick rate.

"No." Ginny said simply. "But we can now if you want." And with that she inched towards Hermione and started kissing her neck. Hermione moaned and tried to push Ginny away, but Ginny, who was in Quidditch, was much stronger than she. Hermione only knew that Ginny was successfully seducing her, because she was starting to WANT it. Ginny pushed Hermione down and started kissing her from above. "You're all mine, 'Mione."


"Ginny! Let me go!" Hermione moaned, as she felt Ginny undoing her bra. Wandless, Hermione was defenseless against Ginny. "I'm NOT lesbian!"

"Neither am I," Ginny said plainly, "I'm bi. And you will be too, once I'm finished with you, Hon." Ginny grabbed her own wand and cast a sleeping spell on Hermione, who immediately went out like a light.

When Hermione awoke, she found that she was bound to Ginny's bed; her wrists were strapped to the headboard but her feet were free. She decided that she'd have to kick Ginny with all her might if it came to that. Hermione suddenly gasped as she looked down at her bare body. Her giant breasts were wobbling inches from her face and her unshaved pussy was plastered to the fresh sheets with her own wetness.

"Oh, no!" she whispered, "What will I do NOW?" She saw Ginny enter the room with a bagfull of different weird-looking objects that she had never seen before in her life. Ginny grinned wickedly at her victim, the beautiful, bushy-haired Granger with the giant tits and quivering vagina. She looked soo tasty!

Ginny tore off her own clothes and pounced on her prey. Hermione tried to squirm out of her bonds to get away, but it was utterly useless and Ginny was in command. Ginny covered Hermione's mouth with her own, sucking Hermione's lip and tounge. Her left hand was in Hermiones hair and her right hand playing with Hermione's giant breasts. Hermione's nipples were quickly hardening and her vagina was glistening wet with her arousal.

"Ohhh," Hermione moaned into Ginny's mouth, as Ginny started twisting Hermione's erected nipples. "Ohhhhh..ohh..."

Ginny moved her mouth of Hermione's and moved on, to Hermione's huge tits. Ginny wrapped her mouth around the right nipple and started sucking it gently, then more ferociously. Hermione threw back her head and moaned so loudly that it turned Ginny on and encouraged her to suck harder until Hermione was moaning so loud that Ginny could no longer hear the sucking sound of her mouth over the salivated nipple.

Ginny switched to the other nipple and started doing the same. Her right hand started to fondle Hermione's right, abandoned nipple and her left hand was making its way down to Hermione's pulsating pussy. She stuck one, then two fingers inside and was rewarded with Hermione's frightened wimper; Ginny was going to take away Hermione's virginity.

Ginny dug her fingers in deeper, and her mouth withdrew from Hermione's left nipple, that was now swollen to cherry size and color. Hermione squirmed, her legs thrashing to get away and to kick at Ginny, but Ginny grabbed Hermione's leg down and dug further in; the tightness engulfed her fingers and the wetness splattered over her hand. She finally released and Hermione gave out a sigh. But Ginny was not even started, in fact she just got warmed up, but poor unexperienced Hermione wasn't aware of that.

Ginny exited the room and Hermione was relieved. She wanted to rub her pussy, not because she was horny, but to massage the ache that now existed within it. Her heart fell when she saw Ginny enter the room again, with a bottle of clear thick substance. She kept her eye on Ginny to see what she was going to do and saw that Ginny was grabbing a giant purple thing from the bag that she had brought to the room earlier.

Ginny smiled wickedly at Hermione as she put the purple thing infront of herself, wrapping a strap that was attached to it, behind her and carefully securing it. The sight was odd to Hermione: Ginny was standing there with the strap around her bottom and underneath her pussy, as the purple thing wobbled in front of her. She neared Hermione and smiled sweetly at her.

"What is that?" Hermione asked curiously, indicating to the purple object that was wobbling loosely in front of Ginny.

"None of your business. Now I'm going to release you and you're going to position yourself so that your ass is sticking up, but while still being on your back. Your legs will be practically over your head, like about by your ears. You ARE flexible, aren't you? If not, too bad. Do it. And if you try to get away, I'll hex you into oblivion!" Ginny said fiercely, releasing Hermione's hands from the bed but so that they were still tied together. Hermione repositioned herself to the way Ginny commanded.

Ginny gave a pleased, approving smile and positioned the tip of the purple thing at Hermione's anus. "Oh, I almost forgot," she said as she grabbed the bottle that she had been holding and spilled some of he liquid over her fingers. She rubbed Hermione's anus with the thick, slippery substance and then repositioned the head of the dildo into Hermione's entrance. She pushed in.

"OHHH!" Hermione moaned, at the top of her lungs. "oohh, ooh, oohh." she whimpered, as Ginny started moving faster into the stretching anus that lay in front of her, taunting her to dig deeper. And she did. "Ooohh...oooh..." Hermione scrunched her eyes tight as she moaned and whimpered. She could feel the searing pain of her anus being stretched. Soon the dildo was five inches inside. Four more inches to go, and Ginny was a perseverer.

In. In. In. Deep. Down. Push.

"What is it?" Hermione managed to ask, through her own groans. "The thing inside me."

"Nothing." Ginny said, ignoring Hermione's grunts of pain and pushing deeper.

"Please tell me" Hermione begged, as Ginny started thrashing the dildo so deep that it moved Hermione as if she was vibrating. She felt her stomach muscles contract and start to move by themselves. "Ohhh..."

Ginny smiled, as she wiped the shining sweat from her forehead and kept pushing, despite Hermione's pleas to stop.

"I..I feel..." Hermione groaned, "I wanna...need to...poop! OHH! Ginny! Ginny stop! Please! Ginny! GINNY!" Ginny loved hearing Hermione shout her name, and it only made her shove in deeper, until the dildo had dissappeared within Hermione's asshole.

Ginny yanked it out without mercy and slapped Hermione's right butt cheek, which reddened immediately at the harsh contact. Hermione was grunting and huffing like a horse, or a woman during labor. Ginny kissed Hermione for her good cooperation, which Hermione really had no choice of, and glanced down at her "dick" which was covered in thick brown substance. "Looks like I cleaned your anus out, Hermione." She smirked at Hermione's displeasure.

"Are we done?" She asked, hopefullness flooding her worn-out face.

"No. We haven't even started, Baby. You're in for a real treat."

 Ginny fucked Hermione doggy style and Hermione was moaning so loudly by then that Ginny had to pull out the dildo. She sighed in disgust.

"Really Hermione? You're such a bad girl, not letting me fuck you properly because of your bitchy whining. I think I'm going to have to teach you a hard lesson..." And with that she plunged the dildo into the depths of Hermione's dry anus. Hermione shrieked in agony as she clawed at the bedsheets, trying to get a grip on herself. She felt something sticky and wet fall on her ass and realized that Ginny was spitting at her anus to get the dildo to slide in further.

"Ohhh...ohh..please Ginny...OHH! Ginny! Ginny! Ginny!"

"Say my name louder." Ginny commanded, wrapping her arms around Hermione so that she could pinch and twist her hardening nipples. Hermione moaned and squirmed. "Say it!"


"Louder!" She twisted Hermione's nipples harder, "I wanna hear you scream my name, and if you don;t I'll fuck you so hard until you do, trust me, Baby, you don't wanna mess with me."

"Ginny! OHHH! GINNY!" Hermione grasped the sheets in death-grip and gave a sharp whimper as Ginny inserted two fingers into her vagina while still pumping into her anus. "oh, ohh, ohh!" Hermione's moans turned to doglike whimpers. "Oohh..oohh.." She scrunched her eyes shut tight as Ginny pushed in more. How much more could she possibly go in?

"LOUDER!" Ginny shrieked, sticking in a third then fourth finger. "SHOUT MY NAME, HERMIONE!"

"GINNY! GINNY! Your parents will hear us! PLEASE! Stop!" Tears stung Hermione's eyes as she begged Ginny to stop. She felt her anus stretching and it burned and itched to the extreme.

"My parents?" laughed Ginny, "My parents are back at The Burrow!" She snickered. Hermione threw her a quizzical look, but was glad that Ginny had took a pause from fucking her so she continued to ask questions.

"At The Burrow? But, aren't WE at The Burrow right now?" Hermione asked curiously, her vagina throbbing and pulsating. She subconsciously rubbed it with her right hand and when Ginny noticed this, continued to fuck her enthusiastically which caused Hermione to bounce rhythmically on the bed. "Where are we?"

"As soon as I knocked you out with that AMAZING spell, I apparated us here, at a hotel."

"How did you pay if you don't have muggle money? What did you do, steal mine?" Hermione asked, as if that mattered so much when she was being fucked senseless.

"Of course not, don't be daft," Ginny said in a matter-of-fact voice, "We're at a wizard hotel. Do you think hotels are just run by only muggles or something?" She yanked the dildo from Hermione's ass and Hermione gave a shrill yelp as the pain shot through her hole. She rubbed it grievously as the unpleasant feeling lingered within the newly stretched hole. She grimaced as Ginny turned her around and set her on her back, chaining her hands to the bed again.

"Ginny...let me go!" Hermione struggled against her bonds but they wouldn't loosen or untie. She waited. She gasped as Ginny clambered onto her and started sucking her nipples again. "Oohhh..."

Ginny noticed the pleasureful look on Hermione's face and decided that Hermione was finally coming around and finally giving in to her: she knew she would.

"Ohh, Ginny..." Hermione said quietly with her eyes closed and her mouth open in moans of pleasure and lust. She wanted it now. She LIKED it now. She YEARNED for it now. "Suck harder." She begged, and was surprised that the desperate plea had come from her own mouth. Ginny grinned in delight and obeyed, sucking MUCH harder to the point of Hermione screaming her name. OHH DAMN! GINNY! OHHH..."

"Mmmm..." Ginny said, licking Hermione's tits all over, gathering the thick erected nipple in her salivating mouth and sucking it like a desperate dog on a hot summer day. Without bashfullness, Hermione started fondling Ginny's nipples which, though smaller than her own, were thick and desirous. She now wanted her badly. Desperately. She felt drugged and sluggish, but nonetheless started playing with Ginny's beautiful breasts where the nipples immediately hardened to blueberry size though maintained a reddish color.

Ginny sucked harder and Hermione's hands flew from Ginny's tits to her own pussy, where she started rubbing enthusiastically in a rhythmatic way. She shyly slipped her middle finger in her vagina and then bravely added two then three and started pumping them in. She felt the wetness stick to her fingers and felt her pulsating pussy pull her fingers deeper withing. Ginny smiled wickedly at Hermione who was starting to finally relax and be naughty.

"Eat me out." Ginny demanded as she slid her vagina over Hermione's gasping mouth, who feverishly sucked and licked as Ginny's arousal dripped onto her face. Now it was Ginny's turn to moan erotically. "Ohh...mmm...oh, suck harder, Babe." Hermione did.

Then, Ginny started bouncing up and down as she slid her pussy teasingly on Hermione's face. "Open up," Ginny said as she squirted into Hermione's open mouth. Hermione gagged at first, then started swallowing Ginny's sweet come.

"Mmmm, you taste amazing."

"Let me see," Ginny said as she slid off her and turned around to kiss Hermione so that she could taste her own juices. "Mmm, it DOES taste good. It tastes better in your sweet mouth though." And she started to french kiss a very mesmerized Hermione who had never french kissed in her life.

She felt Ginny's soft tounge flick in and glide through her sensitive mouth. It tickled at first, but then let a hot longing feeling that made her want more. She felt a warm, stirring feeling within her chest and drew Ginny closer as she kissed her passionately. She tried to french kiss her as well as she had, but Ginny took over since she loved being in control.

Hermione felt herself come on the sheets as Ginny slipped her mouth once more over her tits and she threw back her head in lustful pleasure. "Ohhhh...Ohh Gods! Ginny you are absolutely amazing..." Her eyes closed as she took in the amazing feeling of Ginny's wet mouth suckling her tits like a baby breastfeeding from it's mother, although this was better: it was naughty and for lustful purposes.

Hermione whined when Ginny let go and tried to re-stuff her breasts into Ginny's mouth, but Ginny only smirked and said, "I'll be back."

The vibrator hummed and buzzed over Hermione's vagina as she sighed in pleasureful bliss. She was on cloud 9. They tried every sex position imaginable and ended it by doing the 69.

Ginny sucked Hermione so passionately that Hermione couldn't even suck Ginny because her head was thrown back in moans of delight that Ginny was giving her. Hermione felt like a horny, slutty bitch. And she oddly liked it.

Ginny stretched her arms as she let out a blissful yawn. Last night was the best day of her entire life. She suddenly wondered if it was a dream and clawed at the bed to find Hermione, but Hermione wasn't there. It couldn't be a dream! Could it?

She looked around in agony and finally saw Hermione sleeping on the opposite bed of her and gave out a sight of relief. But why was she on a different bed? And how did the other bed get there? She saw Hermione blink several times and then get up, walking towards Ginny with a big smile.

"You're finally awake! I was so scared for you, Gin, I'm glad you're okay!" Hermione exclaimed as she threw her arms around Ginny. Ginny winced from the soreness. Was last night's sex THAT rough, that she was left so sore? Wait...Hermione was glad she was "okay"? What did that mean?

"'Glad you're okay'? What's that supposed to mean? Where am I?" Ginny asked, as the room started coming into focus and she became more frighted. They weren't at the hotel. This wasn't the room. What was going on? She looked like she was at a hospital. Oh, no! What happened? Did Hermione have to take her to St. Mungo's? Ginny was horrified and needed an explanation. Fast.

"Uhm, well...er...when you caught Ron and I packing you sort of freaked out and fainted."

"WHAT!" Ginny yelled. Then what happened last night? Was it really all a dream. Ginny sighed remorsefully. How could she think it was real? How could a silly little dream trick her into thinking it was real? It felt so real though...

For a moment Ginny blanked out and started imaging shoving the dildo in Hermione's beautiful ass as she stretched the anus out with the thick material of the veined dildo. Mmm...

"Ginny did you hear me?" Hermione asked kindly, snapping Ginny back to reality.

"Huh?" Ginny asked blankly as her face grew hot, though she knew know one could possibly have known what she was thinking without Occlumency. "Sorry, I blanked out."

"It's okay, I know you went through a lot."

"Where am I?" Ginny asked, "Just tell me where I am and explain what happened afterwards. Am I at St. Mungo's?"

"No, Ginny, you're at the Hospital Wing. We're at Hogwarts." Hermione said, then took a deep breath and explained everything. "You walked in on Ron and I packing to leave. We were ready and everything and you told Ron that you wanted to talk to me alone and-"

Ginny gasped and her heart stopped. She remembered what happened. She asked Ron to leave and then when he was gone confessed to Hermione not only that she had seen her naked, but that she wanted to have sex with her. Then she made her move on Hermione, kissing her and then finally casting a sleeping charm on her so that she coudl apparate them to a hotel far away from The Burrow. "

Wh-what did I s-say. I-I mean wh-what happened th-then." she asked, sounding much like the Hogwarts professor, Professor Quirrell, who attended Hogwarts in Hermione's first year and turned out had Lord Voldemort on the back of his head.

"Well...I asked you what was wrong and told you how sorry I was and before you could answer, you just fell. You hit your head on the floor pretty bad. You're parent's don't know by the way, I can tell them if you want, but I'd thought you might not want them to know. So instead I apparated, with Ron carrying you, to Hogsmeade and we went from there to Hogwarts." Hermione explained in a rush. She heard Ginny sigh in relief, probably glad that she was alive or maybe even that her parents didn't know. "I'm soo sorry, Ginny!"

"It's fine, 'Mione." Ginny lied. She was glad, though, that Hermione didn't know about her strange fantasies that she had about her. But other than that she was upset that her dream wasn't real; that Hermione didn't feel the same towards her and that they sadly didn't get to have the blissful sex that she had experienced with her love in her dream. "How long have I been here."

"Eight hours or so," Hermione said in a small voice, ashamed with herself. Little did she know that Ginny was ashamed of herself too; she couldn't make the lustful thoughts of Hermione leave her mind as she kept replaying the dream over and over in her head until she memorized every movement they made.

Ginny nodded, "Well, okay, then. I feel loads better and I want to get out of here. So Christmas hasn't come yet, then?" Hermione shook her head.

"It's tomorrow. Today is Christmas Eve. The castle looks beautiful."


"It's three in the morning. You should get some rest." Hermione said, in a soothing voice. Ginny was so tempted to reach out and kiss her, but she only excepted Hermione's friendly hug. Nothing sexual, well, on Hermione's part anyway.

Ginny sighed, "I want to leave. Where's Madam Pomfrey?" Hermione squeezed Ginny's hand and shivers shot down the Redhead's back at the warm touch that the love of her life had given her. Too bad Hermione didn't feel the same way.

"Go to sleep, Gin. I'll stay here tonight and wake you at eight or nine." And with that she gently brushed Ginny's forehead with her lips, which caused Ginny's nipples to harden and her underwear to moisten. Ginny was so tounge-tied, all she could do was nod her thanks as she shut her eyes and tried to control the shivers that were having a party on her back.

Only when she heard Hermione's quiet breathing, did she sneak her right hand under the covers and under her nightie, where she lasciviously rubbed her pussy until the arousal was dripping through.

Handsome blue eyes. Charming red hair. Rippling muscles decorating his body. Wide brilliant grin. Freckles. Tall. Long. "Wake up, 'Mione."

Hermione gave a sharp gasp as if she had just been doused by a bucket of icy water, as she awoke from a startling dream of intimately kissing Ron. She shook the dream easily away and smiled up into his face that was shining with delight. "Ron." she whispered as she scooted into a sitting position, facing her friend who was sitting at the edge of the bed watching her intently. How long was he there? Was he watching her the whole time?

"Hello, how are you?" he asked as he extended a friendly hand to her, which she gladly accepted. "Had a good rest I s'pose?" He gazed at her face and into her eyes, which he felt could stare deep into his soul.

He quickly removed his gaze and stared at another patient who was three beds away who looked like they had been badly burned. On their bedside table was a wilted, neglected flower that looked like someone had called it a million bad names.

"I'm fantastic Ron! How are you?" Hermione asked politely, smiling at Ron's flushed ears and when he looked even more embarrassed, stopped laughing. "Er, sorry, you look wonderful, Ron." Ron looked at her in shock and started to stutter,

"I-I-thank you-I mean, you-you look amazing...I mean...I..." His face flushed bright red and he said, "Er, Quidditch practice, talk to you later." Hermione was flustered and realized that he was running from the room and out the door, passing a rather burned person and a young girl whose face looked furry like a cat's. This reminded Hermione of her second year and she quickly shook the thought away because the redhead was slipping from her grasp already.

"It's seven in the morning, Ron! Wait! Ron! Come back!" Hermione called, then remembered that she was in a room with sick and injured people which caused her to blush a deep crimson. Madam Pomfrey rushed into the room angrily with her face as red as Hermione's, although anyone could tell it wasn't from embarrassment, and Hermione leapt up in fright. She stumbled from the hospital wing, tripping over her own feet as she ran.

She finally caught up with Ron. Then, trying to surprised him, gave him a huge hug from behind. He almost stumbled down the staircase. "Hermione!" He grinned. "Blimey, you almost gave me a heart attack!"

Hermione gave a shrill giggle that sounded nothing like herself and, suddenly realizing it, fell into a harsh fit of phony coughs. Ron looked at her curiously. Did she just giggle? He gave a sharp intake of breath as he felt his penis harden and hoped that it would soon turn to normal so that Hermione wouldn't notice. But she did, little did he know.

Wow, his thing is big...Hermione thought, as she glanced at Ron's erection. It was so blatant, it stook out so much that no one could miss it. She pretended like she didn't notice and, unhappily, withdrew her arm from his. She didn't want to give him the wrong impression. And she most definitely didn't want to lead him on, making him think she wanted to have sex with him because she honestly wasn't ready for that. At least, not just yet.

She grimaced as she felt herself go wet in her crotch and tried to think about other things. But the lustful images of his body on hers as they thrashed into each other wildly on the bed kept haunting her as they walked to Transfiguration class.

Only when she was seated in the front row at the desk between Harry's and Ron's, did she remember about Ginny. Ginny! How could she! This was the SECOND time she forgot all about her for Ron! She gave a disgusted sigh. She was probably the worst friend in the world. But what could she do now? And, wait a minute...

How was there Transfiguration class on CHRISTMAS EVE? She blushed furiously as she realized that they weren't in Transfiguration, but in the Great Hall. What was going on with her? She rolled her eyes and realized that Ron had noticed when he said,

"Are you alright Hermione? Or was my joke that stupid?"

"Huh?" Hermione asked blankly. She felt like she had been Stupified and honestly said, "Oh, no I didn'y hear you. I'm sorry. I blanked out a bit. Repeat, please? Erm, if you don't mind, I mean."

"Erm...sure." Ron said, looking crestfallen that she was no longer paying him attention like she had just minutes ago. "I was talking about a story Fred told me, about how he caught these two guys doing each other in an empty corridor. I mean, that's really nasty but it was funny 'cause Fred said that one guy was actually LICKING the oth..."

Hermione didn't hear the rest because she couldn't get over the guilt she had of forgetting Ginny. Only when she noticed Ginny talking to Parvati Patil about something that she could hear, did she finally relax and decide that she would apologize later. Well, if Ginny brought it up, which Hermione hoped she would forget. Hopefully...

Hermione wiped the glistening sweat that covered her forehead and let out a long relieved sigh.

"I know right, even I found that sweet." Ron said in reply to Hermione's sigh. Hermione bit back a laugh because she really hadn't heard a word that Ron Weasley had uttered, yet he thought she was sighing in reply to some comment he made that was supposed to be romantic. "Bloody hell! Look!"

Hermione turned to see an odd sight that made her face red and hot. She tried to peel her eyes from the sight, but for some strange reason couldn't. This was too peculiar to go unnoticed. Anyone who saw, which was only Ron and Hermione in this case, could swear that Snape had just pinched a young girl's rear.

Goosebumps formed on Hermione's arms and back as she gulped. This was horrifying! She wish she could take this to Dumbledore, but he'd never believe her. Not only were there no other witnesses other than Ron and Hermione, whom Dumbledore as well as the whole school knew loathed Professor Snape, Dumbledore trusted Snape with his soul.

"Jealous, Granger?" Snape whispered sinisterly into Hermione's ear as he stalked past. He caught them staring and must've put two and two together because he knew they had seen what he'd done. "If you tell anyone you'll get your sorry ass fucked raw." The next sentence was punctuated with the deepest hatred and promise of pain. "Mind. Your. Own. Business." And he was gone in a flash.

"Did you see what he said to me?" Hermione hissed angrily as she whispered what he'd said to Ron and Harry. Ron looked angry but Harry seemed not to care, and instead of anger something else shadowed his face that looked somewhat like jealousy, but couldn't have been.

"I wish that fucking bastard would get into a duel and be killed with Avada Kedavra!" Ron said furiously, his raised voice a little too loud. Some lingering Gryffindors heard and he immediately turned scarlet. "Erm, I was talking about, er, Voldemort. Yeah, that's it, Voldemort." Some kids snickered and he grew more embarassed, but his face couldn't turn any more scarlet.

"You best keep your voice down about things like that, Ron." Hermione warned the tall, freckled boy that walked fell into step beside her. "You don't want to get introuble. No one would believe us about Snape. I mean come on we're the ONLY ones who caught him and not to mention everyone, including Dumbledore, knows we despise the idiot."

Ron squinted at her and she blushed. In a much quieter, careful voice she continued, "Secondly, Dumbledore adores Snape," Ron snickered, "You know what I mean! He trusts him doesn't he?" Ron nodded.

"I don't know what's stranger, Dumbledore trusting Snape who's such a dickhead or Snape being a pedophile."

"Definitely the latter. Weeellll..." Hermione thought for a moment, "Maybe the former..." Ron couldn't help but grin.

Three hours later...

"Hermione," said the muggleborn's redhead friend, "What do you think about, ya know...sex?" Hermione stopped dead in her tracks.

She was in the girl's dormitory and was rather shocked that innocent-looking Ginny would ask a question like that so bluntly. She felt so foolish whenever someone brought this subject up. Her friends would say that she was so "virginy" and she couldn't even get herself to say the word "sex".

She felt herself stuttering, "Uhhh...wh-what do I think about-about sex? " she repeated in question form. She gulped and continued in a stronger voice, "I think that-that...well...er...I never REALLY think about it. Actually I never do!" she admitted. "Why do you ask?" It was Ginny's turn to stutter uncomfortably in embarrassment.

"Erm, 'cause there's someone I really like..." she said vaguely, "They don't know yet, but I'm not sure that-" Hermione interrupted her,

"Who is it? Is it Harry?" Hermione asked curiously, her eyes narrowing in suspicion. She always thought that there was a spark between the two. Both were simply just afraid to make a move, to confess their feelings. Somehow she felt, since she was the older girl of both Ginny and herself, that she should mediator between the two's feelings; that she should fling the two together somehow.


"It's fine, Gin, really. Just tell me everything and I could-"

"Oh look it's time for dinner!" Ginny spluttered as she ran form the room with her arms outstretched infront of her like those of a sleepwalker's.

"But! Ginny! Wait! We barely ate just a few hours ago!" Hermione called after her friend. But Ginny had already vanished from the room and out of the Gryffindor common room, where she bumped into a rather bitter-looking Pansy Parkinson.

"Watch where your going, Weasley!" Pansy spat, her face contorted into a rather painful looking mouthful-of-sour-lemons expression. "Whore!" Ginny glared spitefully at Pansy and dug for her wand which was buried deep in her pocket.

"You'll pay for that one, Pansy!" she said, sounding much like her older brother, Ron, had in his second year when Draco had called Hermione the unforgiving name "Mudblood."

Pansy's sour expression vanished and was replaced with a rather terrified one; everyone knew Ginny was good at the Bat Bogey hex. "I-I-I'm s-sor-sorry!" she choked out. Too late. Ginny was already furious; steam was practically shooting horizontally from her ears like the Hogwart's Express train.

"Whore, did you call me? I'll show you what whore is!" and she pointed her wand at Pansy before she could escape, as ropes shot from her wand and sprung tightly around the squealing Slytherin girl.

"Please! Stop! I'm sorry!" Pansy said, then suddenly lost it. "Help! Somebody! HELP! HELP!" Ginny flicked her wand to silence the panicking girl who was shrieking like a threatened bat. She then enchanted the ropes to levitate and follow Ginny to the abandoned girls' bathroom on the Second Floor, where Moaning Myrtle watched with great interest.

She had seen Ginny taking girls to the bathroom before. And what happened there? Ginny had her fun with them. She took willing girls there. She took begging girls there. And she took girls there who deserved punishment. And she carried out that punishment alright, to it's most severe and torturous, whether they weren't willing to cooperate or just plain deserved it.

With a flick of her wand, Ginny vanished the ropes and said in an excited hushed voice, "You will either cooperate with me and I won't tie you up, you can enjoy it you know, OR..." her voice turned suddenly deadly, "or you can try to outsmart me by trying to get away and I'll have no choice but to bind you. Understand?" Pansy nodded. Ginny unsilenced her and said, "scream and you pay."

"Okay." Pansy whimpered.

"This could be enjoyable for you if you cooperate. Ready?" her voice turned to a loving sweet voice, "Strip for me, Babe. Take off your clothes. I want to see you. All of you. Slowly."

Pansy wasn't new to this. She'd had sex before. She had stripped for Draco and then let him do her, so this would be simple. It would just be a little different. Or, so she thought.

She slowly pulled her blouse over her head, revealing a rather dingy white bra that looked a couple sizes too big for her two little breasts. She blushed with embarrassment, but Ginny, however, was enjoying herself as she lustfully explored Pansy's breasts with her eyes.

"Your bra, take off your bra." she whispered desperately, as she felt her underwear go wet with arousal. Pansy obeyed and undid her bra from the hook in the back. She let it drop in front of her and even slunk seductively to Ginny with her small breasts in Ginny's face, for effect. Ginny flicked her tounge out and probed Pansy's right nipple with it until the pink nipple hardened.

She moved onto the left nipple, which was also erected but not like the right one. Ginny coaxed it out with her tounge until it, too, was erected half an inch from its normal size. Pansy threw back her head in pleasure, eyes closed, and let out several low moans.

Ginny was right, this felt great. She even had to admit that this was better than what she had experience with Draco. She'd totally go lesbo for Ginny. Ginny was amazing.

After licking the nipples got boring, Ginny pulled the standing Pansy onto her lap and started sucking cherishingly at her irritated erect nipples. She gathered the nipple into her mouth and gently sucked it, letting it slip from her mouth when her mouth had wrapped fully around. She paid careful attention to the other nipple with her hand, which was plucking and twisting at it as Pansy's moans turned to whimpers that of a horny dog's.

Ginny ceased sucking at Pansy's nipples, to Pansy's great disappointment, and walked towards a stall where she kept a bag of her sex toys. She grabbed a twelve-inch, veined rubbery dildo that was the color of a purple pansy flower and decided that she would mimick everything she had done to Hermione in her dream. As she fucked Pansy to the point of no return, she imagined that instead of Pansy, the moaning and begging was coming from Hermione.

She pretended Pansy was Hermione.


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